Moshi Monsters Talking Katsuma Moshi Soft Toy

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I suppose it was inevitable that with the popularity of the online moshi monsters there would be plenty of merchandise to go with it. Moshi monsters is a popular game that allows the player to adopt a pet monster, each one with their own distinct personality. Now those same pet monsters come (almost) to life and here we have the Talking the Katsuma Moshi soft toy for your children’s delight.

The thing about Katsuma is he may look confident, maybe even arrogant, but deep down he is just a big soft pussy cat, as you will find out when you get to know him. Katsuma Moshi likes nothing better than to be cuddled and if you want to hear him giggle, talk and laugh, just give him a squeeze! Your soft and cuddly friend comes with an Adoption Certificate and a secret code that unlocks a special in-game item.

Moshi Monsters Talking Katsuma Moshi Soft Toy is a great cuddly friend for fans of Moshi Monsters.

Measures 23cm tall. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

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